GOP calls to “defund the FBI”
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Some Republican lawmakers are embracing a new rallying cry to “defund the FBI,” following last week’s search of Mar-a-Lago. It’s a message that stands in stark contrast to the GOP’s position as the party of law enforcement, especially since the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests and calls to “defund the police.“ Plus, the Colorado River reaches a drought tipping point. And, Scotland becomes the first country to provide free period products. Guests: Axios' Andrew Solender; Sam Metz, who covers the Western US for the Associated Press Credits: Axios Today is produced by Niala Boodhoo, Sara Kehaulani Goo, Alexandra Botti, Lydia McMullen-Laird, Alex Sugiura, and Ben O'Brien. Music is composed by Evan Viola. You can reach us at [email protected] You can text questions, comments and story ideas to Niala as a text or voice memo to 202-918-4893. Go deeper: "Defund the FBI" complicates GOP's midterm messaging Colorado River at drought tipping point Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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