A-Z of Phil Collins - Episode 1
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Welcome to episode one of The A to Z of Phil Collins starting (appropriate enough) with the letter A and running to D. Along the way Phil himself will chat about Another Day In Paradise, Band Aid, Collard & Collard (a very special piano) and the Disney song that won him an Oscar.   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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The finale of this collection of stories, songs and memories from Phil’s life and career thus far focuses on the last few letters - from T to Z. And it’s a big finale as we dive into the subject of Phil’s recent touring, the Urban Renewal album, X rays, You Can’t Hurry Love and Josef Erich...
Published 03/19/21
As we continue our journey through the alphabet - and Phil Collins' life and work - our next stops are the letters P to S, which would include Percy (also known as Robert) Plant, meeting the Queen, the subject of reunions (and a certain other group) and the skills needed to be a great drumming...
Published 03/12/21
The letters M to O are our focus this week on The A to Z of Phil Collins - and we’ll discover Phil’s unusual nickname, learn more about his passion for model trains, hear the story behind his autobiography ‘Not Dead Yet’ and (of course) we had to include the legendary ‘One More Night’.    See...
Published 03/05/21