GOING BACK TO YOUR EX ft. SheIsMichaela | BAD INFLUENCE (EP#7) with Chandler Alexis
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Bad Influence is getting DEEP today with our guest SheIsMichaela! We're talking leaked tapes, music videos and GOING BACK TO OUR EXES.. Michaela is giving her best advice on her experience in the industry and her love life, you're definitely going to enjoy this episode!
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Published 04/26/21
Lil Agz has shown up to make an appearance on Bad Influence the Podcast today to talk about going viral, his dating life and his new EP he just dropped! We also got the inside scoop on his viral video "SAY LESS" and his family life and school life growing up as an internet sensation! WE OUTSIDE!!
Published 04/18/21
Chandler Alexis is BACK and BETTER for the Season 2 premiere of Bad Influence the Podcast! However, THINGS HAVE CHANGED and shes here to talk about it all! No more co-host, no more boyfriend and NO MORE PROBLEMS! Tune in to hear the Bad Influence herself talk about how she's moving on to better...
Published 04/10/21