Foundation - S02 Wrapup with Pete Peppers
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Pete Peppers is here to discuss Foundation Season 2 with Jim and A.Ron! With the latest season all wrapped up, the three discuss the highs, lows, and twists of the story so far. They'll combine their personal observations and opinions along with intel from David Goyer himself. Join in as Pete, Jim, and A.Ron put a bow on Season 2 of Foundation. Pete’s Discussion with David Goyer YouTube Growth Decay Transformation - A Breaking Bad Podcast Pete Peppers TikTok Pete Peppers Instagram Pete Pepper Twitter Hey there! Check out to find out how you can gain access to ALL of our premium content, as well as ad-free versions of the podcasts, for just $5 a month! Join the Club! Join the discussion: Email | Discord | Reddit | Forums Follow us: Twitch | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook Leave Us A Review on Apple Podcasts Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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