100th Episode Mailbag Spectacular!
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What is Shohei Ohtani’s relationship with Funyans? Will we ever see Nike market authentic baseball pants to authentic people? And what would happen if every baseball dugout had a full Gatorade cooler of milk, and that milk had to be consumed in its entirety during the game, and if it’s not consumed, that team would have three runs taken away from its total? How would that change the sport? Jake and Jordan are answering all of the important questions - AND MORE - on this very special 100th episode of Baseball Bar-B-Cast! Merch Link: podswag.com/baseball
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The Seattle Mariners banked an incredibly important come-from-behind W against the Rangers last night, and would you believe it… our own Jordan Shusterman was asleep for it all. Jake fills Jordan in on what he missed, while Jordan shares his appreciation for the man who hit the walk-off double to...
Published 09/29/23
Published 09/29/23
The Mariners secured a much-needed win against the Houston Astros last night, bringing them to within 0.5 games of the AL wildcard spot. Jake and Jordan break down the match-up and discuss the funniest possible situation for the AL West postseason race. Then, the guys are joined by Jake’s mom, a...
Published 09/27/23