In perhaps the most personal show Paula has done, she reveals her nearly lifelong struggles with eczema and how she finally got relief. Together with Bryan, Paula reveals the best ways to bring soothing relief to dry, itchy skin. You’ll also find out when you should seek a doctor’s help for easing eczema—and which prescription options research has shown are best. For more beauty tips, visit the Expert Advice Section of PaulasChoice.com.  
Published 03/21/14
Paula reveals her secret to getting and keeping lips enviably smooth, plus you’ll  discover why so many lip-care products actually make chapping worse! After listening to this show you’ll have Paula and team’s best advice for ensuring your lips stay kissably soft and beautifully smooth all year long! For more beauty tips, visit the Expert Advice Section of PaulasChoice.com.
Published 03/14/14
Join Paula and Bryan as they discuss the various ways you can apply foundation for flawless results. Learn which method Paula prefers (and why) and hear tips and tricks for making sure you find your perfect shade—and why most people need not one, but TWO shades of concealer!
Published 03/07/14
In this special show, Cosmetics Cop Paula Begoun and her longtime co-writer Bryan Barron sit down to discuss not only what’s new at Paula’s Choice, but why the cosmetics industry is universally crazy, how fashion magazines can mislead, and how the work we do will help you make better decisions when shopping for cosmetics. Paula and Bryan also answer several questions from our readers, so you’re getting a hodgepodge of great info with a fly-on-the-wall perspective! For more beauty tips, visit...
Published 02/28/14
Join Paula’s Choice Research Team staffers Bryan and Nathan as they debunk the myth that expensive hair care is better. And, using their years of hair care formulary expertise, listen as they list the best hair-care products at the drugstore. This must-hear show will not only help you have the hair you want, but will save you money, too! For more beauty tips, visit the Expert Advice Section of PaulasChoice.com.
Published 02/21/14
Is a honey mask the answer for acne? What about lemon juice for lightening brown spots? And does the “No Poo” method really improve hair? Find out the answers to those questions and more as Paula’s Choice Research Team members Bryan Barron and Nathan Rivas discuss do-it yourself hair- and skin-care products! You’ll learn what works—and which DIY products are a waste of time. For more skin-care & beauty tips, visit the Expert Advice Section of Paula's Choice!
Published 02/08/14
Cosmetics Cop Paula Begoun and Senior Research team member Nathan Rivas pair up to discuss one of Paula’s favorite topics! In this fascinating show you’ll hear the truth about some of beauty’s biggest and most recent lies—and also learn why dermatologist recommendations aren’t as ironclad as they may seem.   For more beauty tips, visit the Expert Advice Section of PaulasChoice.com.
Published 01/24/14
Cosmetics Cop Paula Begoun is joined by the Nip/Tuck Coach Michele Garber, author of the e-book Safety First! 10 Golden Rules for Cosmetic Surgery. Hear from an in-the-trenches expert about how to find a great cosmetic surgeon, how to prepare, what to expect during recovery, and which procedures give you the most for your money. Michele explains why you need someone like her to help you navigate the confusing world of cosmetic surgical (and non-surgical) procedures. For more beauty tips,...
Published 01/17/14
Your doctor wrote you a prescription for a skin care treatment. Now what? How do you use this new product with your other skin care? What goes on when? Do you have to wait after washing your face? The confusion ends here as Paula and her longtime co-writer and researcher Bryan reveal what they discovered about how to use various prescription topicals with your daily skin care—and get the best results! For more beauty tips, visit the Expert Advice Section of PaulasChoice.com.
Published 01/10/14
Join Paula’s Choice Research Team members Bryan Barron and Nathan Rivas as we have an in-depth chat with certified nutritionist and “One-Minute Wellness Coach” Deborah Enos. This show covers what to eat when you need to slim down quickly (hello, special event!), what to avoid eating if you need to keep your energy up, and how to make smarter food choices when traveling—so you don’t return from vacation and find your clothes don’t fit!  For more beauty tips, visit the Expert Advice Section of...
Published 01/03/14
Animal testing and cosmetics is a tricky, controversial issue. Paula’s Choice Research Team members Nathan Rivas and Bryan Barron go into detail about why this topic is so complex and discuss the spectrum of issues that make animal testing so murky and confusing. From brands selling in China (where animal testing is required) to brands that truly don’t test on animals, we’ll help you sort this out and arrive at some consensus so you can feel good about the cosmetics you buy. For more beauty...
Published 12/27/13
Are apple stem cells the new fountain of youth? Which antioxidant is best? Is retinol a must-have ingredient? What about peptides or hyaluronic acid? Paula’s Choice Research Team members Nathan Rivas and Bryan Barron share which anti-aging ingredients really work and are worth looking for and which ones you can ignore. This show is filled with tips everyone shopping for anti-aging skin care needs to ensure they’re making the best decision for their skin! For more information, check out the...
Published 12/16/13
We can be our own worst enemy when it comes to getting the hair we want! In this broadcast, Paula and Bryan discuss bad hair habits, the best way to towel dry hair and how to minimize damage from heat-styling tools. Each salon-tested, research-proven tip will help you stop fighting with your hair and start getting the results you want! Bonus: Learn why salon hair-care products aren’t any better than what you find at the drugstore. For more hair-care tips, visit the Expert Advice: Hair Care...
Published 12/07/13
Are you considering a cosmetic procedure, but not sure what to expect? Paula spills the beans on her experiences getting Botox, dermal fillers, and a lower face-lift! Hear what it’s really like to be injected, what recovery can be like, how results may vary, and how to choose the cosmetic corrective procedures that are right for you. Get more advice on cosmetic procedures & other beauty concerns at PaulasChoice.com!
Published 11/16/13
In this episode, Paula speaks with industry insider Karen Young, former long-time executive at major cosmetic brands and now serving as a consultant in New York City. With her effervescent charm and dry sense of humor, Karen dishes on everything to what cosmetic companies don’t know to what they choose to ignore. You’ll get a big dose of eyebrow-raising myth-busing in this exclusive show—even Paula was surprised by some of the revelations! For more beauty revelations, visit the Expert...
Published 11/09/13
This is it! We put an end to all the misinformation and fear-mongering surrounding the topic of sunscreens and your health. Bryan and Nathan from The Paula's Choice Research Team discuss the latest research on oxybenzone, nanoparticles of titanium dioxide, micronized zinc oxide, retinyl palmitate, and more! Stop looking at your sunscreen with trepidation and get the facts in this vitally important episode.  Find more skin-care & beauty expert advice at Paulaschoice.com.
Published 10/26/13
Wish someone could make shopping for hair-care products a little easier? Join Paula’s Choice Research Team members Bryan and Nathan as we reveal today’s best and worst shampoos, conditioners and styling products. From the drugstore to the salon, we dish on all types of products in this must-hear show. Get more hair-care tips at Paulaschoice.com!
Published 10/19/13
Wondering if that $30 hair conditioner is really worth it? From The Paula's Choice Research Team, Bryan and Nathan share the latest beauty drugstore doubles (products that perform identically to higher-priced versions)! They’ll reveal the hair, makeup and skin-care products and tools you should save on (+ which ones are actually worth the splurge). Look for more of the best-rated beauty products at PaulasChoice.com.
Published 10/11/13
Do different ethnicities need different skin-care products? Will skin-tone affect your results with cosmetic procedures, like laser therapy? Find out what the research says about this issue as Paula and Bryan present the facts so you can have the skin you’ve always wanted, no matter its gorgeous color! Get more expert advice skin-care tips at PaulasChoice.com.
Published 10/04/13
Have you ever stood in the beauty aisle of your local drugstore and wondered which shade of foundation, concealer, blush or eyeshadow was right for you? Paula and Bryan share expert tips on selecting the right makeup colors for your skin tone + how to spot the shades you shouldn’t consider.  For more makeup tips & advice, visit Paulaschoice.com.
Published 09/20/13
Join Bryan and Nathan as they discuss the brands with the most top-rated products on Beautypedia, and those to avoid due to their train-wreck ingredients + formulas. Later in the show, we'll reveal staffer makeup, skin and hair care must haves! Find more of the best & worst beauty products on Beautypedia Reviews. 
Published 09/13/13
We’re all about our Facebook fans in this broadcast of the Paula’s Choice Radio Show! Paula and Nathan tackle the beauty concerns of call-in guests, each one a “Super Fan” from our Facebook page and all with skin-care & makeup conundrums.  Don’t miss this fun beauty-chat session with a few of our favorite Facebook fans! For more expert beauty tips, visit Paulaschoice.com
Published 09/06/13
Wondering what the future holds for anti-aging procedures? In this broadcast, Paula and Bryan speak with guest Dr. Richard Baxter about the latest non-invasive anti-aging treatments, as well as what the future holds for advances in cosmetic procedures. Dr. Baxter is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, has pioneered several new techniques and has been nationally recognized as a plastic-surgery expert, as well as lectured on advanced plastic surgery techniques...
Published 08/30/13
Considering dermal fillers, but not sure which is right for you? Paula and Bryan speak with Sharon Wells as she shares the latest research on  dermal fillers and what you need to know before you book that appointment!  Wells is an R.N. with 15 years’ experience in dermal injectables at Naficy Plastic Surgery & Rejuvenation Center in Bellevue, Washington.   For more on dermal fillers and other cosmetic treatments, visit Paulaschoice.com.
Published 08/25/13
How do you know when it's time to see a dermatologist? Have you ever spotted something odd on your skin and thought, "What the heck is that?" In this edition of The Paula's Choice Radio Show, Paula and Bryan discuss how you can tell the difference between skin concerns that you can treat yourself—and those times you should absolutely see a dermatologist.   For more on tricky skin issues, visit Paulaschoice.com.
Published 08/25/13