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Often the sense of smell is underrated when it comes to coffee. We all know how good coffee smells but many of us do not take the time to truly engage our sense of smell. In this episode, we talk about the sense of smell and how important it is as well as how can start to train ourselves to be better smellers.
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Published 07/24/21
In this episode, we talk through some "Unplugged Brewing" methods and give our thoughts on each. These are some great methods for anyone on their coffee journey, whether you are just starting out or have been a coffee snob for a while. Here is a list of methods we will go through in this...
Published 04/26/21
Ever wondered why things taste so bland? Or do things have too much flavor? In this episode, we discuss what supertasters are and how to tell if you are one too.  Here is a link to the supertaster sheet mentioned in this episode - https://beanstuff.com/episode-54/ --- This episode is...
Published 02/01/21