Ep. 76: Whitetail Stories - Holiday Bucks, 33-Point Bucks, and Missed Bucks (Part 2)
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This episode is stacked with incredible whitetail deer stories including one from Janis Putelis and, Clay Newcomb’s tale of a buck with unbelievable antler development and a heavy dose of drama. We’ve got four stories that end with bucks in the truck, and four that end with broken hearts. We’ll hear again from James Lawrence and Andy Brown, but we’ll also hear some new voices. I doubt you’re going to want to miss this one. Connect with Clay and MeatEater Clay on Instagram MeatEater on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube Shop Bear Grease Merch See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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On this episode of the Bear Grease Render, Clay Newcomb is coming at you live for the second time from the Black Bear Bonanza in Northwest Arkansas. This time Clay is joined by render regulars Misty Newcomb, Josh "Landbridge" Spielmaker, and of course Brent Reaves, as well as Arkansas BHA Chapter...
Published 03/15/23
Published 03/08/23
What do you think of when you hear the state, Arkansas? This is Clay Newcomb’s beloved homeland, and on this episode he dives deep into the long-standing national image of Arkansas. It hasn’t always been great. Scholars say it was the most picked on state in America in the 20th century and to...
Published 03/08/23