Ep. 112: Bear Grease [Render] - Three or Four Dogs ’til You’re Dead
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On this week’s episode of the Bear Grease Render, Clay Newcomb is joined by a veteran cast of characters: Brent Reaves, of This Country Life fame, Michael Rosmond of Sunspot Lights, Ben Lagrone, and Jonathan Webster. The crew dives right in to talking about America’s First Celebrity, David Crockett, dissecting the impact of Disney’s Crockett revival of the 50’s and its lasting effect on the childhood memories and adult identities of (not just) American men, before backing up to cover topic like good hunting dogs and how you’re closer to death than you realize; how to catch a live coon  by the tail and what ever happened to Hoot. Clay then steers the conversation back to the Highlights of the previous Crockett podcast as well as what’s to come in the next episodes of this series on one of America’s favorite bear hunters, politicians, and folk heroes. And we bet you’ll wanna stick around to hear Brent and Clay pontificate on the fashion, comfort and practicality of the Bib Overall. I really doubt you’re gonna wanna miss this one… Connect with Clay and MeatEater Clay on Instagram MeatEater on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube Shop Bear Grease Merch See omny.fm/listener for privacy information.
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