248: Govt & Pleasure Trap, Avoiding ego trap as a celeb, Evo Psych over 60
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In today's show, Dr. Howk & Dr. Lisle discuss: 1. On your episode about the 2020 election, I was very surprised to hear the two of you lionize the sturdiness of American government when one of the central problems in American life, diet-related disease, is so largely attributable to lobbying. If government can be bought, how am I supposed to buy the idea of a reliable government? 2. How do people like the Esselstyns, Dr Campbell, and others not fall into the Ego Trap re: plant based eating? 3. Would you do a show addressing dating between men and women who are past their baby-making years? Those in their fifties and sixties or older who are widowed or divorced. As a 62 year old widow it seems most men just want something casual with no commitment. I want a commited partner. Any advice?   4. Last week I was crushed to hear Dr. Lisle say he is dead from an evolutionary prospective. As a an avid follower of Dr L, Dr H and BYG, this active 75 yr old woman is finished with with reproduction but still desiring social contact and certainly not ready to retreat from the village. I would love to hear you address the social needs of seniors who are open extroverts.
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