252: State of the Unions in a relationship, Pair bonds, Disingenuous friend
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In today's show, the Dr's discuss: 1. Is it possible to have a personality that is not a good fit for a long-term committed relationship? 2. I have this one specific girlfriend who seems to be different because she ONLY attracts pair bonds. She has never gotten a casual mating approach, not that I can ever remember. She gets approached by all fine, decent, good looking, intelligent guys who all really love her. She's average looking, yet thin, long haired and very intelligent too. She gets in a stable monogamous relationship with one, stays with him for 2/3/4 years saying she really, really loves him and then abruptly dumps him, moving to the next one..  I'm more curious about how she can be so lucky to always find good pair bonds as to why she acts like this. 3. A friend has become a life and wellness coach primarily through social media. She enjoys what she does, makes a livable living, and creates value in her clients’ lives. Yet, when our friend group occasionally mentions this friend everyone seems to disapprove of what she’s doing business-wise. In fact, all of us have unfollowed her on social media because we can’t stand to watch her content. She gives advice on nutrition, makes motivational videos, and sells coaching sessions to women—and for some reason, it all comes off as disingenuous, scammy, and distorted.  I have no intention of changing her or her business. What I’m curious about is why we feel disgust whenever she comes up in conversation. There’s no issue whenever she and I hang out in person. We always have a good time. But, why am I so turned off by her Internet presence and the way she makes money? Could it be that I think she’s claiming unearned status? Or could it be that I see the online coach version of her as deceiving and therefore a threat to the village? Please help me understand.
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