60. Handling the Haters
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Just like the argument over whether pineapple belongs on pizza (it does!), network marketing is a topic everyone has an opinion on. And surprise, not everyone thinks it's awesome. If you’ve been in this business for any length of time, you’ve probably attracted your fair share of haters.    Well, Kristen isn’t having any of it.    Today she talks about why network marketing has gotten a bad wrap in the past and how she’s made it her personal mission to change that perception. Listen in as Kristen talks candidly about her first time being recruited,(spoiler alert! It didn’t go well) and how that experience changed the way she interacts with her own haters.   Here are a few key takeaways from today’s episode:   Why engaging with haters can steal your energy from those you’re meant to serve Changing negative opinions through actions vs words Why you should have compassion for your haters How “Hey Girl” marketing tactics give the industry a bad name and what to do instead Why you should never create content from a defensive mindset   The tide is changing in the network marketing industry. With Kristen’s approach at marketing and her ‘anti-hustle’ views it’s no surprise that people are returning to this business model like never before. So before you engage with your haters, take a deep breath and remember: you can’t reach everyone. Serve those you’re meant to serve and do it with integrity.   Interested in Kristen’s exclusive mastermind for six-figure earners in the network marketing industry? Applications open on Monday July 26th! Get all the details and join the waitlist here.   
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