71. The LuLa Doc: Boss to Burnout Part 2
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This week we’re continuing the conversation revolving around the controversy of the LulaRich documentary. Kristen is focusing on the glorification of hustle culture and how we, as network marketers, play a part in either perpetuating or eliminating hustle in not only our own lives but in the entirety of the industry.   And while that might sound like a tall order, remember one thing: Kristen is working to change the face of the industry. This benefits all of us, from the very top earner to the newest recruits. Building a sustainable business model we can all be proud of is the true end goal.    So follow along as we wrap up the LulaRich series with these topics:   The TRUE cost of succumbing to the hustle Why LuLaRoe’s trademark recruitment motto of “Full-time pay. Part-time Work” started an avalanche of unmet expectations and a mass exodus from the company The importance of transparent messaging and why doing so can lead to an increase in retention How slowing down to grow, and taking time to put your systems in place may be  the antidote to  hustle  Why it’s important to remember that the effort to pay ratio changes as you move through your business, and how residual income is an end goal   LuLaRoe’s messaging was right about one thing. There is no amount of success that will compensate for failure at home. When we allow hustle culture to take hold, it doesn’t just affect your business. It affects your entire life. Most of you joined the industry to create a life you love and a business you can be proud of. That’s why you must work with integrity and purpose while throwing hustle to the wayside.     Thanks for listening! Do you have a question about network marketing? Kristen can help! Drop your question here, and she just might answer it live on the podcast: https://Kristenboss.com/question     Connect with Kristen:   Do you have a business full of customers and almost no builders? You're in need of a reboot! Learn the three skills you can learn that will completely change your recruitment game. Check it out here.   If you’re ready to learn the simple process of running your social selling business online, you have to check out Kristen’s live group coaching program! The Social Selling Academy: www.thesocialsellingacademy.com Interested in Kristen’s exclusive mastermind for six-figure earners in the network marketing industry? Get all the details and join the waitlist here.
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