72. Wake Up your Warm Market
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Have you ever had the thought that if your audience was interested, they would have made a purchase by now? Do you feel like maybe if you just had some fresh eyes on your content, if you could just get one reel to go viral.. that you’d be able to hit that next rank?    What if I told you that it’s not your audience that’s holding you back? Kristen is back from the Purpose and Profit 6 Figure Earner Mastermind Live event weekend and motivated to explain exactly how your warm market is the key to unlocking your earning potential.   Listen is as she talks about:   The importance of building relational equity to grow the know/like/trust factor with current followers How your mindset (yet again) influences your consistency and bottom line Why your position as a micro-influencer has more leverage than larger accounts How pre-screening your warm market is a form of self-sabotage The realization that chasing new followers is a way to avoid feeling vulnerable   Believing that your warm market is dead is one of many stories you tell yourself that pulls you out of a purposeful mindset. Sales and marketing are about serving your audience and providing solutions to their problems. When you believe in your product and your ability to serve through selling, you stay consistent and stay out of that scarcity mindset.    Thanks for listening! Do you have a question about network marketing? Kristen can help! Drop your question here, and she just might answer it live on the podcast: https://Kristenboss.com/question   Connect with Kristen:   Do you have a business full of customers and almost no builders? You're in need of a reboot! Learn the three skills you can learn that will completely change your recruitment game. Check it out here.   If you’re ready to learn the simple process of running your social selling business online, you have to check out Kristen’s live group coaching program! The Social Selling Academy: www.thesocialsellingacademy.com   Interested in Kristen’s exclusive mastermind for six-figure earners in the network marketing industry? Get all the details and join the waitlist here. 
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