73. Self Development Sabotage
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You’re likely listening to this podcast because you want to improve either yourself or your network marketing business (or both!). If you’re like most, this probably isn’t the first time you’ve ventured into the land of personal development. Maybe you’ve read a book or two or even purchased a coaching course, hoping that it’ll help you breakthrough and crush those goals you’ve had for so long.   And in the end, did you get what you needed to make those goals? Or did you feel vulnerable and uncomfortable enough to where you decided it wasn’t worth it? Just to end up trying a different book or podcast the next time you needed a little boost.   Today, Kristen’s talking about self-development sabotage and what happens when you hide inside self-development instead of creating action and doing the work required to move forward. If you’re looking for another feel-good episode, this ain’t it!    Strap in as Kristen explains:   Why you’re drawn to chase external motivation Scarcity Mindset = False Motivation Using self-development as a tool vs. using it as a crutch The importance of finding your true why when it comes to longevity and motivation Why perfectionism is not only NOT required, but a detriment to your success How to tell if you’re buffering and the steps to take to avoid it   The most important lesson to be had from today is this: Nothing happens unless you create action. No book, podcast, or course can do the work for you. Go into your personal development from a belief that even messy, imperfect action is better than no action, and you’re already halfway there.   Thanks for listening! Do you have a question about network marketing? Kristen can help! Drop your question here, and she just might answer it live on the podcast: https://Kristenboss.com/question   Connect with Kristen:   Do you have a business full of customers and almost no builders? You're in need of a reboot! Learn the three skills you can learn that will completely change your recruitment game. Check it out here.   If you’re ready to learn the simple process of running your social selling business online, you have to check out Kristen’s live group coaching program! The Social Selling Academy: www.thesocialsellingacademy.com   Interested in Kristen’s exclusive mastermind for six-figure earners in the network marketing industry? Get all the details and join the waitlist here.
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