Healthy Living 2021 with Chris and Jill
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In episode 83, Chris and Jill talk about exercising with their dogs and in the gym as well as healthy eating. More information:  visit
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In episode 87 Jill and Chris talk with triathlon fanatic and world record holder Susan Haag. Susan is an attorney who lives in Jacksonville Florida. She has been running triathlons since 1990, and Ironman races since 2002. Susan Haag is the 1st woman in the world to complete 100 '140.6' races,...
Published 07/27/21
In episode 86, Jill and Chris talk with Lisa Bartlett about her running, health challenges and how she stays fit after 50. Lisa Bartlett is an active member of the Becoming Elli community. Last year she trained for a marathon but then ran it virtually because of the pandemic. She persisted. Lisa...
Published 07/13/21
In episode 85 Jill and Chris interview Gail Lind, who at age 65 discovered she had a passion for lifting weights. a personal trainer and class instructor at Anytime Fitness, Gail offers insights and inspiration to women in the second half of their life. We discuss: * Benefits of getting fit * ...
Published 06/22/21