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Jamie catches up with someone who spent over a decade in a relationship with Jason. She provides some context and backstory surrounding Kirra and Jason's relationship. Trigger warning: This episode contains course language, references to suicide, drug abuse, sexual abuse and extreme domestic violence. Listen at your own discretion. If you need help or are affected by such issues please contact your nearest help centre such as Lifeline in 13 11 14 or DV connect on 1800 811 811. If you are in serious danger call 000 or 911 or whatever the emergency number is in your area. Listener discretion is advised. Don't forget to subscribe and give us a rating and review! Read our blogs at: Facebook and instagram : @beenhamvalleyroad
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Leanne Holland was just shy of her 13th birthday when she was brutally murdered. Her accused killer spent nearly 15 years behind bars before his conviction was quashed. So the question remains; who killed leanne Holland? For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Published 03/31/20
The final regular episode of BVR. Jamie talks with another person who was at Kirra's house on that July night in 2014. Another person comes forward with some information that could be case changing. Stay tuned for future episodes pending any developments. Head to to read...
Published 11/04/19
Jamie talks with Graeme, who is and ex police officer and private investigator about BVR and another case he is still investigating. A future podcast is on the cards...Graeme provides some clarity in relation to coronial matters and asks the listeners a favour. The final episode of BVR will be...
Published 10/30/19