The Real-Life “Maneater”: William Nelson
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Omaima Aree is a model from Egypt that was known to be a man swindler. She would make men fall in love with her, move in with them or promise she loves them back all for financial gain. She went through many men, making them fall in love with her and take all their money including William Nelson. Until one day police receive a phone call saying William Nelson was found dead in his penthouse in Texas. Was this a random attack or did Omaimas greediness for money, turn deadly.  See for privacy information.
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Gary Evans started out his life as a calculated thief. Sneaking into antique shops, pawn shops, stealing from drug dealers and stole over 100K worth of goods. It didn’t take long for his theft turned to murder. And tracked down his childhood best friends to kill them as well as anyone that got in...
Published 11/30/22
Rebecca was a 15 year old girl from London. She was popular, loving, outgoing and not afraid to stick up for herself. So when she meets her boyfriend Joshua Davies, who is a master manipulator and narcissist she’s not afraid to speak her mind and see right through Joshuas games. Until one day...
Published 11/22/22
Published 11/22/22