In this episode, Adyashanti speaks with Peter Kingsley, an incomparable scholar of ancient philosophy and a first-class mystic, who has unparalleled knowledge and a compelling passion for the origins of western culture. Together, rooted in their deep love of truth and caring, they explore the tradition behind all traditions, how to anchor the transcendent in the world of time and space, the unexpected disruption that profound revelation can bring, and what it means to be rooted in the eternal.
Published 06/25/20
In this second part of their conversation, Adyashanti and Jerilyn Munyon continue their discussion on deeply connecting with the Ground of being. Together, they explore how that intimate connection with the ground reveals courageousness, fearlessness, and confidence, from which love and compassion can flow. They reveal the vital component of our spiritual practice—how it creates a steadiness within us, fosters our presence of being, and informs our heartfelt expression in the world.
Published 02/05/20
Published 02/05/20
Adyashanti speaks with Jerilyn Munyon, the executive director of Open Gate Sangha, about the potential that lives within the divine ground—and how it affords us the opportunity to broaden our perspectives and let it act as the foundation from which we can lead more conscious lives. Having known each other for 16 years, they dive deeply into the student-teacher relationship and the practice of aikido, which Jerilyn has had as a foundational practice in her life for more than 40 years.
Published 02/01/20
In Part 2, Adyashanti speaks with purpose guide Jonathan Gustin about how to discover and embody your unique soul’s purpose. Jonathan explains a five point critique of traditional nonduality from the standpoint of the soul. Together, they dive deeply into how to express your soul-level purpose and how embodying your purpose will bring you great joy. As you become aligned with your purpose beyond self or your true destiny, you realize that you are deeply serving life and uplifting humanity.
Published 08/13/19
Adyashanti speaks with purpose guide Jonathan Gustin about how to discover your soul’s purpose and unlock your authentic destiny. Jonathan reveals the triple purpose of life: to wake up, to grow up, and to show up—and encourages you to burrow down into your depth to explore, discover, and then fully occupy your soul’s purpose. Together, Jonathan and Adyashanti explore the evolution of enlightenment, common roadblocks to giving and receiving love, and what it means to truly embody your life’s...
Published 08/10/19