Woke Tales: New York Says It Will Prioritize 'Non-White' People In Distributing Supply Of COVID-19 Treatments
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Guy Benson Show - 1-4-2022 [00:00:00] 3:06 pm - Drivers trapped for hours on Virgini [00:11:16] 3:22 pm - The state of liberal governance [00:18:18] 3:35 pm - Rick Scott, Senator from Florida [00:34:50] 3:55 pm - Democratic Rep. Bobby Rush set to re [00:36:35] 4:06 pm - General Jack Keane [00:47:38] 4:22 pm - Woke Tales: New York says it will pr [00:54:53] 4:35 pm - Biden's covid crisis [01:12:02] 4:56 pm - CNBC Poll [01:13:11] 5:06 pm - Dr. Manny Alvarez, Fox News Contribu [01:29:30] 5:27 pm - A hockey fan spotted a staffer's sus [01:31:30] 5:35 pm - Replay: Senator Rick Scott [01:36:06] 5:44 pm - Homestretch: Covid update
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Published 05/21/22
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Published 05/21/22
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Published 05/20/22