Guy Benson Show - More Anti-DeSantis Narratives Bite the Dust
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Guy Benson Show - 1-11-2022 [00:00:00] 3:06 pm - Two More Anti-DeSantis Narratives Bi [00:16:12] 3:27 pm - (DeSantis Mono Continued) [00:18:22] 3:35 pm - Brad Raffensperger, Georgia Secretar [00:34:37] 3:55 pm - Shamelessness on Filibuster [00:36:37] 4:06 pm - Emily Compagno, Fox News Contributor [00:49:13] 4:24 pm - Should Education Secretary Cardona R [00:54:54] 4:35 pm - Congressman Kevin Brady of Texas (8t [01:11:01] 4:55 pm - Gov. Ducey State of the State [01:13:08] 5:06 pm - Bill Hemmer, co-host of America’s Ne [01:28:49] 5:27 pm - US surgeons transplant pig heart int [01:31:28] 5:35 pm - Emily Compagno, Fox News Contributor [01:36:34] 5:44 pm - Go Dawgs! Joey Jones, Retired Marin
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