Back in the Saddle | 11-29-21
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After almost a week apart, Bernie & Sid are back together for another jam packed week of the best morning show in the country. On this Monday edition, the guys dive into their long weekends spent with family and great food, and catch listeners up on a
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Friday's Highlight: In honor of celebrating the Russian New Year, Sid decided to bring Justin Ellick's Russian girlfriend Lisa into the fold and everything went up from there! Truly a classic highlight as it brightened everyone's day!
Published 01/14/22
Published 01/14/22
Today on BEAT SID: Pete, the Landscape Architect from Little Italy will go one on one with Sid himself on this Russian New Year? Can Sid pull off an upset, or will Pete continue the trend of victorious guests? Find out now. BANG!
Published 01/14/22