The Return Of The Washington Bullets | 07-19-2021
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No, not the basketball team the Washington Bullets, we are talking about shots fired on the streets of Washington, D.C. that sent fans at the Washington Nationals game into a panic and causing the game to be suspended. This is Joe Biden's America, ladies
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Editor of National Review, Rich Lowry rejoins Bernie & Sid in the Morning and talks about the Migration at the Southern Border, the General Milly treason story, the drone strike in Afghanistan & so much more!
Published 09/20/21
Today on Bernie & Sid in the Morning:   The case of Gabby Petito still ongoing, President Biden's idiotic tendencies, NFL talk, celebrities, & Sid opening up an act with jokes?!  All that & more right here!!!
Published 09/20/21
Published 09/17/21