Burning Out His Fuse Up There Alone | 07-20-2021
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Billionaire Jeff Bezos blasted off into outer space this morning, and the commentary you get on this story from Bernie and Sid is unlike any you will here anywhere else, and it's hilarious. Bernie and Sid roll through Tuesday morning discussing that stor
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Republican Nominee for Gov of New Jersey, Jack Ciatarelli joins Bernie & Sid in the Morning and talks about running against Phil Murphy & how he will do better for the NJ community!
Published 09/21/21
'One Tough Podcast' Host, Bo Dietl rejoins with Bernie & Sid in the Morning and he is... OUTRAGED against politicians' hypocrisy, gives his opinions on Gabby Petitio & ultimately reflect on the 13 heroes that lost their lives...
Published 09/21/21
Today on Bernie & Sid in the Morning:   The show kick things off with strong opinions on the late Muhammad Ali, plus some reflection on President Joe Biden and what he may say during his UN speech, & of course, the latest on Gabby Petito.  All t
Published 09/21/21