Million Dollar Midlife Crisis | 07-21-2021
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Jeff Bezos's cure for his midlife crisis is apparently taking a trip "into space" and then thanking Amazon employees and customers for paying for that trip. What a pompous, ignorant moron. Bernie and Sid give their two cents on Bezos's flight plus, Yank
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Bernie & Sid come to you on this Tuesday morning from smack dab in the middle of the "frozen" area around the U.N. where the annual U.N. Assembly is taking place. Third Avenue has been completely shut down by authorities in anticipation of President B
Published 09/21/21
Today on BEAT BERNIE:   Johnny, the Foreman for painting houses from Bonita Springs, FL will go head to head against Bernie!  Who will paint the true masterpiece when this game is said and done?!
Published 09/21/21
Republican Nominee for Gov of New Jersey, Jack Ciatarelli joins Bernie & Sid in the Morning and talks about running against Phil Murphy & how he will do better for the NJ community!
Published 09/21/21