Monday Highlight | 09-20-2021
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Today on Bernie & Sid in the Morning:   The case of Gabby Petito still ongoing, President Biden's idiotic tendencies, NFL talk, celebrities, & Sid opening up an act with jokes?!  All that & more right here!!!
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Friday's Highlight:  It is a banter, back & forth of Bernie vs Sid as they give their perspectives on taking the vaccine and what it does or doesn't do to you.  Entertainment & Realism going hand in hand!
Published 10/15/21
Friday is finally here and Bernie & Sid in the Morning is here to kick of your weekend with a roundup of all the week's top stories. The Gubernatorial races in both Virginia and New Jersey are heating up, as Terry McAuliffe tries to outrun rightfully
Published 10/15/21
Today on BEAT BERNIE: Another retired teacher from New Jersey (what're the odds), Allen steps up to face off against Bernie! Will he be the one to take Bernie down and bring him to class, or is Bernie gonna be the Dean?!
Published 10/15/21