What Happened to Gabby Petito? | 09-20-21
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A fresh week with Bernie & Sid in the Morning kicks off with the continuation of some somber news, as the missing persons case regarding Gabby Petito reaches its boiling point with authorities locating what is believed to be Gabby's remains. The boys
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With Sid out today pursuing his acting career on the set of Amazon Prime's "Gravesend," Bernie takes the reins and welcomes on former Congressman Peter King as his co-host. The two dive into all of the day's top stories including all of the headlines Be
Published 10/27/21
Wednesday's Highlight: Former Congressman, Peter King co-hosts with Bernie today, and talks on the election.  Next week, everything will come to an end.  Curtis Sliwa, or Eric Adams? Let's hear on what happened in the last debate.
Published 10/27/21
Today on BEAT BERNIE: Dave, the Utility Worker from Bridgeport, CT, takes on The King Bernie! In a battle of really tough questions, who will taste defeat, and who will barely squeak by a win? Find out now. BANG!
Published 10/27/21