Hello BVV Community, It has been a while since our last episode and we are happy to bring you one that might be controversial! Of course, our episodes will always leave you with more questions than answers but we hope you enjoy this episode and any thoughts it might provoke! If you have any ideas of what you would like us to cover feel free to email [email protected]
Published 03/07/22
Published 03/07/22
Hello BVV Community, Here is part 2! We are covering the business of Jr. Volleyball and specifically how it is run in the U.S. We are hoping with this set of episodes we can help give a different perspective on the behind-the-scenes side of our sport.
Published 01/03/22
Hello BVV Community, Episode 2 is going to be a 2 part so look forward to that! We are covering the business of Jr. Volleyball and specifically how it is run in the U.S. We are hoping with this set of episodes we can help give a different perspective on the behind-the-scenes side of our sport.
Published 11/05/21
Hello BVV Community! We are back with season 2 of our podcast and we decided to start strong by bringing you a whole episode about passing in serve receive. We go into different structures, changes the skill may have gone through, and how it is being taught now.  Enjoy!
Published 10/06/21
Hello BVV Community!  We are still examining a broken system this week and I hope you enjoy the conclusion! We think that these ideas really make people think about how we should be making changes to youth sports in the USA. This is the conclusion to season 1 and we will start season 2 in the Fall with more episodes every Wednesday! As always, Enjoy!
Published 06/09/21
Hello BVV Community! We are going to let this one speak for itself. We hope you enjoy this episode!
Published 05/13/21
Hello BVV Community,We hope you enjoy this week's episode! Have you ever thought that it might be too early to introduce a libero? Or have a true Middle Blocker? But you felt it was necessary to have these positions at a young age to be competitive and...
Published 04/07/21
The long-awaited part 2 to the How Teams Win Pt. 1.I hope everyone is enjoying our season 1 for our Best Volleyball Video Podcast! We recently just hit 1500 downloads so please keep sharing and let's get the podcast growing even more!
Published 03/23/21
Hello BVV Listeners,We are happy to bring you part 1 of what we feel might be the best one yet!In this episode, we break down how teams win. How much do you spend training on each skill to help win? What do winning numbers look like? Has the game...
Published 02/24/21
Hello BVV Listeners,This weekend we have how to build your team and tactics! We go in depth about what to look for in personnel and how can you use what you have through tactics to make the best of your team. Another good one for...
Published 02/03/21
Happy New Year BVV Community! We hope you enjoy this week's episode!Is being on a club's #1 team always in the best interest of player and team development?
Published 01/13/21
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas BVV Community!We were able to get one more episode out to you before the new year.This one is about block vs random training and how it relates to volleyball. Do we need to be playing more to train better volleyball...
Published 12/23/20
Hello BVV Listeners,We are back today to talk about who you want in YOUR Foxhole! What is a Foxhole partner? Why is a Foxhole partner important? Can you make your players be the best Foxhole partners for their teammates? This episode has to do with...
Published 12/09/20
We have a good one for you today!Joining us is Troy Gilb the SPVB Boy's Director and the SPVB associate Director. Here is here to help us discuss the differences and similarities between men's and women's volleyball. We discuss how the games have...
Published 11/25/20
This time we get you thinking about the 5-1 or 6-2 system. Is one better than the other? What you want to think about before picking a system. Which is best for you?
Published 11/05/20
Recruiting, Visits, Camps, Tournaments, Dead Period and Graduating early.All of these are brought up in this episode which asks the question:Did college coaches declare war on junior Volleyball?
Published 10/20/20
This episode is about what we call The Three Big Lies.1.Not bouncing on defense2. High Elbow vs low elbow when attacking3. Do not set on 1 leg.We believe that all of these things are not true anymore and have been seen in volleyball for a long time and...
Published 10/05/20
This Episode will make you rethink the way you train your players. It is important to understand the different situational and physical needs of each position. It is similar to how a Football team would work. Each position needs to train in what they...
Published 09/07/20
Welcome to the Best Volleyball Video Podcast series. Join us for our initial podcast on “Program Culture” and look forward to a wide range of topics including different techniques, weight training, seasonal training of Volleyball players and what we...
Published 08/22/20