Top Gun
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"The defense department regrets to inform you that your sons are dead because they were stupid." One of the great 80s movies gets the Betamax treatment as I'm joined in the cockpit by broadcaster Simon London - we play a little volleyball, lose that lovin' feeling and enjoy some sweet Kenny Loggins. Be my wingman by subscribing, rating and reviewing the podcast on your app of choice. Tell your friends, share on social media, quote Top Gun endlessly at them.... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Executive producers: Gary West, Keith Foster, Jimi Fletcher, Mark Drakes, Matt Cunnington, Christian Deas, Chris Hopkins, Omar Zambon, Ian Maddrell, Catrin Lowe, Mark Machin, Zoltan Vago, Simon Smith, Laury Curran, Wayne McNally, Darren Hodgkins, Dan Wellington, Alex Heale, Philip Rothenberger, Alan Fewings, Tom Carr, James Kennedy, Simon Pegg, Jo Harrison Associate producer: Chris Oakley Visit for more information about bonus episodes, early access, discounted Betamax Video Club merchandise and more.
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"I guess you guys aren't ready for that yet... But your kids are going to love it" One of the all-time greats finally arrives on Betamax - and we go all the way back to 1985 to revisit a lot of people's favourite movie. Due to poor planning it's not episode 88, but better early than late. Joining...
Published 11/26/20
"HEY YOU GUYS!!!!!" Welcome to the biggest adventure on Betamax so far as I'm joined by two guests for the first time, Doug and Elly from the newish podcast Doug and Elly Watch Telly. They were surprisingly gentle with a movie that a lot of people will count as their favourite. Thank you for the...
Published 11/12/20
"You dirt-eating piece of slime! You scum-sucking pig! You son of a motherless goat!" We travel back in time to a golden age of cinema this week, as the infamous Graham Sibley returns for another film with an exclamation mark (after Airplane!, while Goal! does get mentioned...). Thank you for the...
Published 10/29/20