Episode 1 - Steph Claire Smith
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Episode Theme : Body Image, Modelling, Keep it Cleaner Steph is a model, entrepreneur and Australia's golden girl. At just 24 years old, Steph owns 3 businesses, and one in particular that is making WAVES in the fitness industry. Keep It Cleaner is a health and wellness program that supports women become the healthiest versions of themselves through nutrition, exercise and mindfulness. We speak about what it's REALLY like living life with 1.3 million people watching her! Steph has graced the cover's of numerous magazines, has been the face of some of Australia's most iconic brands, and now has 15 Keep It Cleaner products in Coles! And she couldn't be more humble or grounded. She speaks openly and honestly about body image, self care, confidence and her struggles with disordered eating. Steph travels the world and still remains fit and healthy all year round, she shares her secrets to finding balance within her hectic schedule.
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