Episode 4 - Action Alexa
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“Action Alexa” is an internationally published sports model, celebrity trainer and nutrition & lifestyle coach with over 15 years experience in the health & fitness industry. Alexa is one the strongest women I have ever met, physically and emotionally! In this podcast we dive deeply into her past, uncovering her struggles with alcohol addiction and how she has overcome them. She believes in Training for an Objective, Eating for an Objective and Living for an Objective. We talk about the importance of lifestyle choices for fat loss and performance, including stress management and sleep being just as important if not more than the exercise itself. Her knowledge and insight are from years of trial and error with her own body and training both men and women to reach their full potential. Alexa is passionate about empowering her clients and giving them the tools to make better choices, both inside and outside the gym. She is renowned for her ability to cultivate a stellar work ethic in those she trains, and in her words, “there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a woman become empowered in the weights room and then watching how this changes her attitude towards the rest of her life”. This episode is truly empowering, educational and inspirational!
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