Layla Metcalfe
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Layla is a university qualified Naturopath, clinical nutritionist, public speaker, health coach, and educator. In today's episode, we dive deeply into supporting the immune system, increasing energy, managing stress, improving gut health and much more. As a clinician, Layla is experienced in getting to the heart of others health concerns. She works closely with her patients to join the dots and fill in any gaps, addressing imbalances and getting to the underlying cause of suboptimal health. Layla employs an integrated approach to health care, combining a blend of traditional medicinal philosophies with scientific, evidence-based nutritional and herbal medicine, counselling, meditation, and diet. She has a keen interest in Women’s health in particular endometriosis and PCOS as well as supporting digestive dysfunctions, mental health and mood disorders including stress management, anxiety, and depression. Layla has previously worked for Blackmores in the training and education team and within Naturopathic technical Advisory, Endeavour College of Natural Medicine as tutor & clinic manager and also runs regular health & wellness workshops and retreats both locally and internationally.
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