"There Were No Toilet Seat Covers!"
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This week on Between the Reps, Brooke and Jeanna discuss health, public toilets, and bad customer service. In today’s society, with access to various forms of media it’s important to educate yourself on important issues. Send us emails at: [email protected]  For more Brooke on Insta: @brookeence  For more Jeanna on Insta: @jeanna_cianciarulo To watch Between the Reps podcast videos on YouTube:  https://bit.ly/BTRYouTube  Thanks to our sponsors: We want you to start living a happier life today, get 10% Off your first month at betterhelp.com/reps Go to GreenChef.com/reps130 and use code reps130 to get $130 off, plus free shipping! Start building your ideal daily routine today with Fabulous Premium! Get 25% off Fabulous Premium by going to THEFAB.co/reps Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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This week Brooke and Jeanna have an unexpected guest, Daniel! The three discuss family functions, tipping, and The Mandela Effect. This leads to a crazy rabbit trail of things of media they remembered wrong. Send us emails at: [email protected]  For more Brooke on Insta: @brookeence  For...
Published 05/24/22
This week on Between the Reps, Jeanna recounts her whirlwind Vegas trip. From A porta potty mishap to stealing people's chairs, she had quite the adventure. Whilst, Brooke discusses more sustainable farming and landscaping protocols. Send us emails at: [email protected]  For more Brooke...
Published 05/18/22