BTW Episode 7 We asked you what you thought, now let's see what the coaches think! Playing up or playing down - it's a difficult question!
Published 05/08/19
Published 05/08/19
Between the Whistles Podcast Ep. 6 Women in Football: This week, Maggie Henderson joins us. Maggie is a SB/RB and a member of the executive for the Halifax Xplosion Women’s football team; and she’s also a minor league coach.
Published 04/16/19
Between the Whistles Podcast Ep. 5 Think you can play football after high school? Being able to ball-out isn’t enough these days. Our coaches talk about where we see student-athletes succeeding, and more importantly, where we see them failing.
Published 04/09/19
Between the Whistles Podcast Ep. 4 "Multi Sport Athletes" Want to play football at the next level? That doesn’t mean you should have to give up all other sports. Also - Coach Bobby is back! 🎙️🍁🏈
Published 03/26/19
Balancing life and football Join Coach Mack and Coach Josh as they talk about kids balancing football, school and personal lives. They also discuss Coaches’ work-life-football balance Follow @BTWthepodcast on Twitter
Published 03/19/19
Between the Whistles Podcast brought to you by canadafootballchat.com Join the coaches as they discuss one of the most difficult, non-football elements of coaching - working with parents. Parents can be your strongest ally, or your biggest foe!
Published 03/12/19
FOOTBALL SEASON NEVER ENDS! Join our coaches as we discuss off-season training for football players, including when to rest, what activities and programs are best, and how NOT to spend your down-time.
Published 03/05/19