Peter finds out how lockdown might affect Parle and takes audience questions on the progress of his investigation: From how the fugitive might be supporting himself to whether "supergrasses" are coming forward to help.
Published 04/09/20
Published 04/09/20
Peter assesses the psychological impact on a fugitive who may be in lockdown and two ex-girlfriends paint a disturbing picture of Parle as a manipulator.
Published 04/02/20
Peter finds out a lot more about Parle - where he might be and who he's connected with, before the coronavirus forces him to continue his hunt from home.
Published 03/26/20
Peter gathers some of his advisors together to look at how his investigation is progressing and to decide the next lines of enquiry.
Published 03/19/20
Peter is still following up suspected sightings of Kevin Parle. He visits a cannabis club where he's told the fugitive is a member, but gets a big breakthrough at a bar in Albir.
Published 03/12/20
Peter heads to a campsite that Parle is thought to have stayed at in 2006, but also investigates information the fugitive may have been in that part of Spain a lot more recently.
Published 03/05/20
Peter ends his search in Old Swan, talks to fugitives about how they survived on the run and decides his next step is abroad.
Published 02/27/20
Peter explores Liverpool's reputation as a city that stands against injustice, while investigating reports that Parle could still be on Merseyside.
Published 02/20/20
A social misfit who ended up living a life of crime? Or a clever charismatic man whose life took a wrong turn? People who knew Kevin share their views.
Published 02/13/20
A drug gang wanted to kill him. A murderer on the run pointed a shotgun into his face. Peter Bleksley reveals why his Met experiences prepare him for this manhunt.
Published 02/06/20
An innocent mother is shot dead in her own front room. Peter Bleksley shares what he knows about the killing which shocked a city - and why he wants Lucy's family to get justice.
Published 02/06/20
A teenager is gunned down in Liverpool 15 years ago. Peter pieces together what happened that night, shares what we know about Liam and starts to get information from the public.
Published 02/06/20
A live investigation: Two murders, one fugitive and a hunter tracking down the target.
Published 02/04/20
A short message from Chris about his new podcast: End Of Days
Published 01/07/19
This all action final episode features the first broadcast interview with Michael Peterson’s own sister and has reflections on the final 3 episodes of The Staircase TV series.
Published 07/23/18
The podcast series returns to review new episodes of the TV hit “The Staircase” and features an interview with the film’s director. (reuploaded with fixed audio levels)
Published 07/16/18
The final episode of this series of Beyond Reasonable Doubt tries to tie up some of the loose ends of the case, Chris explains how we've tried to speak to some of the other people involved in the case and find out how the tragic events of 2001 affected them long after. This episode was recorded in front of an audience at the London Podcast Festival and is presented here as performed in front of - and with the help of - a room full of BRD obsessives .....
Published 09/19/17
In the penultimate episode of the series, Chris talks to Michael Peterson himself. In a tense and unedited interview, Mr Peterson tells Chris what he thinks is wrong with the series, re-affirms his innocence and answers some of your listener questions. He also explains why - as heard in the last episode - why he bought three blowpokes while his original trial was still going on.
Published 09/05/17
Chris goes behind the scenes of the original Peterson trial and is given rare interviews with Judge Orlando Hudson, the then D.A Jim Hardin - now also a judge - and juror Kelli Colgan. They talk about the stresses and strains of the long and high profile case and reveal details not heard before including the fact that Michael Peterson bought 3 blowpokes while his trial was still going on. Kelli Colgan tells Chris how every juror- bar none- finished the case in tears. There's also a...
Published 08/29/17
Candace Zamperini sits down with Chris and talks openly and powerfully of how the loss of her sister and the twists and turns of the tragedy since then have affected her and her family....
Published 08/21/17
Michael Peterson returns to court in the hope of doing a deal. Kathleen's sisters are determined that he should be reminded that their loss hasn't got any easier over the 16 years since she died...
Published 08/15/17
After nearly 3000 days in jail, Michael Peterson is out – but should he get a new trial, have his case thrown out – or something else ?...
Published 08/08/17
Chris goes back to the man behind “Owl Theory” and gets answers to your Twitter questions about whether a bird could have contributed to the death of Kathleen Peterson…
Published 08/03/17
A character from the original trial re-appears and gives Michael Peterson hope of getting out of jail, nearly 3000 days after he was imprisoned and 10 years after the death of his wife Kathleen...
Published 08/03/17