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If you think doing an Executive MBA is all about LinkedIn and creating podcasts, you're mistaken. Apart from LinkedIn, Creating Podcasts, you also have lots of readings, preparations, your day-to-day work, and of course - managing your own personal life (when you have one).  Managing executive people agendas is tough, so after a long time in hiding, I finally recorded and edited the second episode of our series about the EMBA experience.  In this episode, I am talking with Stuti Dubey, an entrepreneur, social innovator - a woman who, among many things, helps young girls become their best selves.  Our talk was about Culture, and how it can influence you in the experience of the EMBA - of course, we ended up talking about many other things around this universe.  Don't hesitate to share your experience with us and recommend this episode to your network. To know more about me, connect on LinkedIn - (Farha Abdula) We are back; stay tuned!
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Published 11/10/21
Hello! I am Farha Abdula, a Mozambican #advertiser currently living and studying in Paris at HEC Paris. As I joined this program in early January, I was also in an internal crisis in the middle of the world crisis. Am I good for this Executive MBA? Can I make it?  This and more questions...
Published 09/03/21