First Times After 30 - EP01
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Hello! I am Farha Abdula, a Mozambican #advertiser currently living and studying in Paris at HEC Paris. As I joined this program in early January, I was also in an internal crisis in the middle of the world crisis. Am I good for this Executive MBA? Can I make it?  This and more questions constantly popped up to me, like I was trapped in a bad dream. Things changed when I met my colleagues, and I realized that the people I thought "too good to be true" also had questions, self-doubt, insecurities. And nothing better than a support system to help one battle what prevents you from moving forward.  With this in mind, I created Beyond the Executive MBA - a space to host people from different backgrounds and leave the floor open to nurture discussions and conversations that we usually have in closed circles.  In the 1st episode, I talked with two brilliant women: Katia, originally from Russia, and Aminata, from Guinea. They are brave, and genius in their personal and professional lives, and they gave me the honor of having them as first guests.  We talked about "doing first things for the first time" after 30. It was super exciting and...emotional.  Disclaimer: I am new in this world; I don't have the proper equipment, so I apologize for the sound quality.  If you like this content, please share it with your network and help me grow.  Merci! 
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If you think doing an Executive MBA is all about LinkedIn and creating podcasts, you're mistaken. Apart from LinkedIn, Creating Podcasts, you also have lots of readings, preparations, your day-to-day work, and of course - managing your own personal life (when you have one).  Managing executive...
Published 11/10/21
Published 11/10/21