Villainy, Urzila Carlson & Angelina Grey
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Matty & Manaia talk to Neil from Villainy ahead of their NZ tour, Urzila Carlson ahead of her NZ tour and Angelina Grey ahead of G Lane's tour of Lord's...
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Last week's podcast was so punishingly long that the fellas have had to start doing them twice a week. Here's what we're dealing with on this ep: Matty & Manaia read out some of the txts that were too spicy for the airwaves (0:00) if you're listening in mixed company you can skip to the best...
Published 12/11/19
This week the fellas finally get around to doing a podcast intro before getting stuck into the best bits from the week (19:56). Off the back of Prince Andrews Annus Horribilis they get your Worst Lies (37:20) find out how many joints Simon Bridges can roll with 14grams of sweet Mary-J (47:41) and...
Published 12/09/19
This week Matty & Manaia break down the golden rules of being a bloke, the Royal's Annus Horribilis, and count down the top songs of the 90's.
Published 12/01/19