Ep16: Laura Pearman
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Laura Pearman is an International photographer from the North East of England with a unique style in photography, she encapsulates her client’s entire brand through their headshots.
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Jen Stanbrook is a Pinterest coach, award-winning blogger and owner of “Love Chic Living” one of the UK’s top Home and Design sites. Jen has been using Pinterest to promote her business and her brand, and in the last couple of years she’s had over 1 million hits to her blog from Pinterest alone.
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Cliff and Marta from the Unlimited Life join me for a deep insight into their journey through business and life together. They describe themselves as emotional surgeons and they give a very holistic approach to their coaching they’re very open themselves and reveal aspects of their life no one...
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This year I’m having a year of sobriety, the difference for me so far? I’m less anxious, no waking up with palpitations throughout the night. No midnight horrors. I feel much better for it, without a doubt.
Published 01/31/19