Real Estate vs. Stocks: Which Will Make YOU More Money in 2023? w/Trey Lockerbie
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Real estate vs. stocks. Cash flow vs. consistent dividends. Equity vs. price-to-earnings. If you’re reading this right now, chances are that you’re more of a real estate investor than a stock picker. But maybe you’re on the wrong side. Does the passivity of stock investing beat buying properties? Or do things like depreciation, tax write-offs, and the ability to use leverage while having tangible assets take the cake when it comes to the stock vs. real estate debate? And what about investing in 2023 as the economy continues to falter?  We brought on return guest, stock investing expert, and host of We Study Billionaires, Trey Lockerbie, to put him head-to-head against some of the most famous names in real estate podcasting. Rob Abasolo emcees this battle of investment strategies as Dave Meyer and Henry Washington bring in the housing heat. And while no physical jabs are thrown, Trey and our real estate investing experts put these two popular asset classes head-to-head to see which is a better bet for today’s investors. And if you’re trying to scoop up deals at a discount, we touch on whether stocks or real estate are better bets during a recession, which comes out on top, and the risks you MUST know about before investing in either asset class. So, if you’ve got some cash burning a hole in your pocket and don’t know what to do with it, we may have the exact answers you need!  In This Episode We Cover: Stocks vs. real estate and which asset class has better returns over time  Volatility, risk, and which types of investments could put you in the MOST danger  Investing during a recession and whether or not real estate or stocks have reached their bottom Investing in bonds and why it may be a smarter move than you think in 2023 How to identify your “risk profile” so you can invest with MUCH less stress  Bitcoin, farmland, and other alternative assets that our guests would invest in  And So Much More! Links from the Show Find an Investor-Friendly Real Estate Agent Lender Finder BiggerPockets Youtube Channel BiggerPockets Forums BiggerPockets Pro Membership BiggerPockets Bookstore BiggerPockets Bootcamps BiggerPockets Podcast BiggerPockets Merch BPCON2023 Listen to All Your Favorite BiggerPockets Podcasts in One Place Learn About Real Estate, The Housing Market, and Money Management with The BiggerPockets Podcasts Get More Deals Done with The BiggerPockets Investing Tools Find a BiggerPockets Real Estate Meetup in Your Area David's BiggerPockets Profile David's Instagram David’s YouTube Channel Work with David Rob's BiggerPockets Profile Rob's Instagram Rob's TikTok Rob's Twitter Rob's YouTube Hear Dave and Henry On the “On the Market” Podcast: BiggerPockets Apple Podcasts Spotify Dave's BiggerPockets Profile Dave's Instagram Henry's BiggerPockets Profile Henry's Instagram Henry's Website BiggerPockets Podcast 646 with Trey Real Estate Vs. Stocks: What 145 Years Of Returns Tells Us Connect with Trey: Better Booch Trey's Twitter We Study Billionaires Podcast The Investor’s Podcast Network Click here to listen to the full episode: Interested in learning more about today’s sponsors or becoming a BiggerPockets partner yourself? Email [email protected]. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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