You Are GODs Ability - Joint Heirs
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In Joint Heirs, Dr. Bill Winston teaches how consistent meditation of God’s Word brings revelation knowledge and opens your spiritual eyes to the inheritance of power, riches, wisdom, strength, honor, glory, and blessing that Jesus Christ died to provide you.
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You are loaded with wisdom and supernatural solutions to solve problems at the root and yield righteous fruit to preserve humanity *Jesus never took time to attack the leaves; He always went to the root (spirit) *What causes a person to become attracted to false gods *Boldness comes when you look...
Published 05/15/22
Let the revelation shared in this teaching series help you build a greater understanding of the value and importance of prayer in a Believer’s life. This series will teach you how to operate in the realm of the supernatural, where there are no limits!
Published 05/08/22
In this series, Dr. Bill Winston explains how God has given you control over your own destiny, which is demonstrated throughout Scripture.Believers who ask, receive—but how? While it begins with prayer, it is faith that makes prayer work.
Published 05/01/22