BFE EP06: Being You
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One of the most difficult processes of being an entertainer is being able to look in a mirror at the end of a day and know that the reflection looking back at you is the real true you. This episode covers how to find and stay true to yourself both onstage and off. The Greatest You PDF FREE Download >>>> Take the FREE Brand Personality Quiz >>>>
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The way that people are buying and viewing entertainment these days is forever changing. Billy interviews Paul Draper to talk about these changes. Show Notes:
Published 05/26/20
Covid has hit us all in some form or another. Billy shares a quick update for what's next. Stay tuned for tomorrow's podcast episode (05/26/2020) and a special guest. We'll talk about Demystifying The Online Show and what many are doing during our new normal in 2020.
Published 05/25/20
This Thanksgiving episode is filled with phone call conversations and with a variety of entertainers who share why they are thankful to do what they do, especially at this time of the year. Need help with your brand? Go to: Special Guests Include....
Published 11/28/19