We're back in 1970's New York, this time going after the all time great of real world and movie villains, Nazis, in Amazon Prime's "Hunters"!  Will be Binge this nazi hunting melodrama to it's dark conclusion?  Or will it be a 5th column Bust!?  Download and find out!
Published 03/08/20
Published 03/08/20
Xavier and Carly walk the ball of FX's "Pose"!  Will the children eat it up for a Binge?  Or will the judges give it zeroes across the board for a total Bust!?  Download and find out!
Published 03/01/20
Xavier and Carly descend into 1919's Birmingham, England for BBC's "Peaky Blinders"!  Will be Binge on the out in the open f*****g of a dirty english street?  Or will the trade unions have us shouting for a Bust!?  Download and find out!
Published 02/16/20
Xavier and Carly are stuck between the magical world of the Binge and the dreary depressing world of the Bust with ABC's "Once Upon a Time".   Will we drink the apple cider of a Binge?  Or will we slay the dragon with a gigantic Bust!?  Find out now!
Published 02/09/20
Carly and Xavier are back with the episode we've all been waiting for. Will Star Trek: Picard make it so and be our Number One Binge? Or will they tell it to "Bust Up, Wesley"? Listen to find out! 
Published 02/02/20
Xavier and Carly are back with their first pod of 2020, reviewing the pilot of Netflix's "The Witcher".  Will they binge on monster kills and elixers?  Or will they slay the queen and give it a bust!?  Download and find out!
Published 01/16/20
Carly is joined for an extra special holiday episode co-hosted by her mom Jo-Ann! Will Mad Men successfully market itself as a Binge? Or will it be as big of a Bust as doctor-recommended cigarettes? Download and find out! Insta and Twitter: @Bingeorbustpod
Published 01/09/20
Xavier and Carly are back for the last pilot together of 2019,  it's Showtime's "I'm Dying Up Here"!  Will they get asked to come to the couch of Binge?  Or will they flounder onstage for 40 mins straight in a humorless Bust?  Download and find out!   IG+Twitter: BINGEORBUSTPOD
Published 12/19/19
Xavier is joined by special guest Style Dayne for this week's Pilot review, HBO's "The Wire".  Will we Binge it like a mountain of coke at a tenement slum?  Or will it just be planted on us by some dirty cops for an elaborate Bust?  Download and find out!
Published 12/12/19
Binge or Bust is Back (a little late) for the other other show everyone's talking about, Netflix's "The Crown".  Will Carly and Xavier assume the mantle of a scrumptious Binge?  Or will we abdicate in favor of a bloody Bust?  Download and find out! IG+Twitter @BingeorBustpod
Published 11/29/19
Binge of Bust is blasting with Apple TV+ for Ronald D. Moore's "For All Mankind"!  Will Carly and Xavier blast off and dive into some alternate history Binging?  Or will they miss their moon phase and land on the dark side of the Bust?  Download now and find out!
Published 11/21/19
YEEHAW!  Carly and Xavier are diving into Disney's first series on it's new streaming service, "The Mandalorian".  Oh, and it's Star Wars!  Will trust our feeling and nail the exhaust shaft with a Binge!?  Or will we declare it sandy and call it a Bust!?  Download now and find out!
Published 11/14/19
Carly has returned, and we're going back to our Sci-Fi roots with the cult classic Babylon 5!  Will we Bust like the first 4 incarnations of the station?  Or will we be able to Binge-solve the sci-fi murder mystery?  Guys, it might just be time for us to start talking about something other than Star Trek!  Download now!   Social Media: @BingeorBustPod
Published 11/07/19
Xavier is back with another amazing special guest, actor and teacher Ingrid Torrence, to break down the pilot episode(s) of a TV phenomenon, Lost.  Will they be forced to stay on the island for a crazy, monster filled, fog fueled Binge?  Or will we just get on a different plane with a Bust!?  Download and fine out @BingeorBustPod for Ingrid: www.IngridTorrence.com
Published 10/24/19
Xavier returns with special guest co-host Bryce Logan from "Let's Watch That: A Movie Podcast"  to get down to the nitty gritty of 1971 New York in HBO's "The Deuce".  Will Bryce and Xavier be good to daddy and give it a Binge?  Or will this drama get Busted, like so many pimps and dealers on the mean streets?  Download and find out!   IG+Twitter: @Bingeorbustpod For Let's Watch That: @LetsWatchPod
Published 10/17/19
Oh my god, Canadian content is back with CBC's Schitt's Creek!  Will Carly and Xavier be resigned to small town bust of a life?  Or will they live the lap of luxury in a decadent Binge?  Download and find out!?   IG+Twitter: @Bingeorbustpod
Published 10/10/19
We are back for some 4th wall breaking with Amazon Prime's "Fleabag"!  Will be let our flaws get the better of us and give it a bust?  Or is this 1-woman show a total binge?  Download and find out!   IG+Twitter: @Bingeorbustpod
Published 10/05/19
Xavier and Carly are back to consult you on your TV viewing with "House of Lies"!  Will we sign on the dotted line for a Binge?  Or are we just gonna sell them a big fat Bust?  PLUS, we briefly discuss the Emmy Awards!   IG+Twitter: Bingeorbustpod
Published 09/27/19
MMHHHMMM, GIELFLING (sp?)!  Carly's getting her crystal fix (it's not what it sounds like) in the newest episode of Binge or Bust?  Will the puppetry magic of Jim Henson Studios corrupt us into a Binge?  Or will we stay in our fair little Gielfling homes of bust?  Download to find out? IG+Twitter: @Bingeorbustpod
Published 09/19/19
A wicked wind this way blows!  Carly and Xavier are whipping out the tarot cards, draining the blood sacrifices and crushing some herb for Netflix's "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"!  Are we going to sign our names to the Dark Lord of the Binge?  Or stick to normal teen aged life with a Bust?  DOWNLOAD AND FIND OUT!   IG+Twitter: @BingeorBustPod
Published 09/12/19
PRAISE BE TO HE!  We are back and heading down to the south for HBO's newest series, "The Righteous Gemstones".  Is this a blackmail of a bust?  Or are we gonna Binge our way to salvation?  Download to find out! IG+Twitter:  @Bingeorbustpod
Published 08/30/19
EUPHORRRIIIAAA!  (That's a eurovision reference, for anyone who actually reads the episode writeup).  Xavier and Carly are going down the rabbit hole with HBO's newest drama, starring Zendaya. Drugs, sexual identity, guilt, shame, belonging...it's a real knee-slapper!  Will we give this sobering look at high school life at the end of the world a binge?  Or is this gonna send us to bust-rehab?  Download now to find out!   IG+Twitter: @Bingeorbustpod
Published 08/22/19
Carly and Xavier back for a wholesome comedy about children's television!JUST KIDDING!  This episode we dive into the life of a man who is a symbol, and see what happens when the burden of reality crashes down on him.  Will be singalong for a happytime Binge?  Or is this show an existential crisis of a bust?
Published 08/15/19
The Binge or Bust team time travels to 19th century San Francisco for Cinemax's "Warrior".  Will we get roped in by the Tongs for a Binge?  Or are we just a couple of onions searching for a Bust?   "The Boys" Spoilers end at 12:50! IG: @bingeorbustpod
Published 08/08/19