Professor Terry Tetley delivers her inaugural lecture on the effect of cigarettes, asbestos and nanoparticles on air quality and lung health
Published 01/17/13
Sir Ernst Chain Distinguished Lecture given by Prof Jim Barber
Published 05/25/12
A film about scientists. Professor Stephen Curry interviews six different scientists to find how how they got interested and what drives them in their life and work.
Published 09/19/11
Latest news from the College, including surprising statin findings, a significant sperm discovery, and ancient spiders coming to life.
Published 09/05/11
Professor Stephen Curry starts out with a very ambitious plan for his talk about his research, but then at about 5 minutes in, things take an interesting turn...
Published 06/15/11
Professor Dominic Wells on why 'gene doping' could be the next big thing in athletics.
Published 02/25/11
Prion discoverer Professor Stanley Prusiner on keeping BSE out of the food chain.
Published 02/25/11
Dr Jasper van Thor, Dr Craig Lincoln and Anne Fitzpatrick talk about the new laboratory, which houses three state-of-the-art lasers, and explain how the technology will help their research
Published 05/11/10
Dr Ed Tate tells us how his team found a chemical that could make Clostridium difficile susceptible to antibiotics
Published 03/18/10
Professor Neil Fairweather and Dr Kate Brown talk about how they produced the first ever 3D image of a disease-causing Clostridium difficile toxin
Published 03/17/10
Research by Dr Peter Cherepanov and colleagues has revealed the structure of an enzyme called integrase, which is found in retroviruses like HIV. When HIV infects someone, it uses integrase to paste a copy of its genetic information into their DNA.
Published 01/29/10
Dr Drew talks about his research into the structure of membrane proteins
Published 12/03/09
New Centre to translate Imperial's research strengths into future medicines
Published 11/07/08