Imperial researcher discusses how prototype sensor technology may make robotic prosthetics more user-friendly for people in the future.
Published 11/19/15
Ana Matronic discusses the rise of robots in popular culture during a visit to Imperial College London.
Published 10/27/15
Engineers from Imperial College London have developed computer software that enables the user to control a robotic arm with eye commands to paint a simple picture.
Published 09/24/15
Regius Professor Chris Toumazou presents the 2015 Gabor lecture.
Published 07/23/15
In this final Data Science Insights event, Professor Steve Furber CBE from the University of Manchester, talked about using computers to build brains. This was hosted at the Royal Institution on June 17 2015.
Published 06/25/15
Dr Tom Ellis explains how his team have developed a method to measure the burden placed on cells by adding components. (Extract 3 of 4 from the Imperial College Podcast 22 April 2015)
Published 04/22/15
Colin Smith describes a new study from the Department of Bioengineering that explains how oscillating waves spread through groups of neurons. (Extract 1 of 4 from the Imperial College Podcast 3 December 2014)
Published 12/02/14
Imperial researchers revisit the archives of the Lancet to examine how army doctors managed amputation pain in the First World War. (Extract 2 of 4 from the Imperial College Podcast 12 November 2014)
Published 11/11/14
Dave Henson who competed in the 2014 Invictus Games talks to Colin Smith about going for gold and how losing both his legs while serving as a soldier in Afghanistan in 2011 has inspired his research. (Imperial Podcast 1 October 2014 4/4)
Published 10/01/14
Medal-winning student who competed in Invictus Games talks about going for gold.
Published 09/18/14
Professor Jane Davies gives her inaugural lecture
Published 09/15/14
Dr Sean Hill, co-Director of Neuroinformatics in the European Union funded Human Brain Project (HBP), gave a distinguished invited talk for Imperial's Data Science Institute. This event was part of London Technology Week on June 17 2014.
Published 07/29/14
News: Showcasing the Imperial Show 2014 and Professor Chris Toumazou’s European Inventor Award. (Extract 1 of 4, Imperial Podcast 2 July 2014)
Published 07/01/14
The Royal British Legion Centre for Blast Injury Studies at Imperial College London was officially opened by Prince Harry of Wales on 17 October 2013.
Published 02/25/14
Director of IGHI Professor the Lord Darzi talks about the institute's role and its efforts to combat the challenges facing global health today.
Published 12/05/13
Jenna Stevens-Smith reports from a major conference on synthetic biology held at Imperial. (Extract 2 of 4 from the Imperial College Podcast 7 August 2013)
Published 08/06/13
Professor Martyn Boutelle (Bioengineering) explores the advancement of biomedical sensors for clinical monitoring in his inaugural lecture.
Published 06/11/13
From paranoia to paralysis, brains play havoc with our health. Dr Aldo Faisal (Bioengineering) talks about improvements in diagnosis and treatment.
Published 06/04/13
Professor Sir Stephen Bloom and Professor Chris Toumazou discuss their innovative new project exploring an implant to suppress appetite which has been funded by the European Research Council
Published 04/08/13
Dr Tom Ellis talks about applications of synthetic biology in the brewing industry at March's Imperial Fringe.
Published 03/22/13
At March's Imperial Fringe, Ben Reeve explains how synthetic biology can help us make bacteria that convert our waste into useful products such as bioethanol.
Published 03/22/13
The Childrens' Christmas Demonstration Lecture explores the excitement of scientific discovery for all ages. Kids, families, students, teachers and the curious are invited to take part.
Published 12/19/12
A tale of stem cells, regenerative pharmacology and bone marrow biology from Professor Sara Rankin.
Published 09/05/12
J-P Jones meets Dr Dominic Southgate, Project Manager for the Rio Tinto Sport Innovation Challenge project which features in Universities Week 2012. (Extract 4 of 4 from the Imperial College Podcast 9 May 2012)
Published 05/09/12
Professor Martyn Boutelle from the Department of Bioengineering on new technology for assessing the severity of traumatic brain injury. (Extract 5 of 5 from the Imperial College Podcast 18 January 2012)
Published 01/17/12