Does the Perfect Gut Supplement Exist?
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My guest this week is Kyal Van Der Leest of LVLUP Health In this episode, Kyal and I discuss one of my favorite topics, peptides! And specifically BPC-157 and how it works synergistically with other ingredients to improve results. Most of us in the biohacking world have a unique catalyst or health journey that has led us on this path and Kyal is no exception; his journey inspired him to create the absolute best, high quality supplements with his company, LVLUP health. One of his signature supplements is the Ultimate GI Repair formula with an amazing, therapeutic stack of ingredients including BPC-157, but he has many more products and new ones coming out. Does your gut impair your life? Curious as to why BPC-157 is so effective? Are you recovering from chronic illnesses like mold or cancer? Want to learn about 3 supplements that mitigate EMF radiation?, or, What are the root causes of acid reflux?  We talk about all of that and more in episode 116.   Learn more about LVLUP Health and use code NAT10 for 10% off   Follow Kyal Van Der Leest Facebook Instagram       Episode Sponsors Mitopure from Timeline Nutrition is a scientific breakthrough for our cells. Ten years of research has led to the discovery of Urolithin A; a mitochondrial powerhouse that assists in mitophagy, protecting cells from cellular decline. Mitopure is clinically proven to enhance muscle health and performance. It comes in a powder, capsules or a berry powder (it tastes good!). There is a 3-month trial so you can try them all! To learn more, visit and use code NAT10 for 10% discount! Berkeley Life is dedicated to supporting healthy nitric oxide levels—a vital molecule made in the body, responsible for vasodilation and circulation. As we age we produce less, resulting in diminished blood flow.  Nitric oxide also has topical impacts (and Berkeley Life has a new topical nitric oxide serum!) Orders can only be made using a practitioner code. You can use mine: NIDDBL for 10% off. Visit       Episode Takeways [04:45] What took Kyal on the path he is on now?.. [15:30] BPC-157, the gut healer… [18:30] The reasoning for LVLUP’s ingredient list… [23:30] What can LVLUP’s gut product treat?.. [29:00] How to figure out what is causing your acid reflux?.. [31:55] How long does it take for Ultimate GI Repair to work?.. [39:40] How damaging are EMF’s and what can help mitigate the effects?.. [44:10] How to support your body while recovering from mold?.. [52:30] What new products is LVLUP working on?..     Follow Nat Facebook Facebook Group  Instagram Work with Nat: Book Your 20 Minute Optimization Consult  
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