Who Are You Listening To?
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Who are you listening to? Some people listen to their spouse, talk radio, friends, family, blogs, influencers...and so on. With all the noise you need to fight to protect your mind each and every day and be influenced by the right people. In particular, there's one person that can influence you more than anyone else. Do you know who that is? Host Nick-Anthony Zamucen is here to tell you who that influence is and how to make positive changes.  
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There are 4 types of people in business. The King, the Jester, the Damsel, and the Magician. Two very important questions will be answered in this shows: 1. Who are you? 2. Who do you need?  Know thyself. You hold the key. 
Published 11/18/18
Perspective is something we all can use more of. We tend to forget about what's really important and start obsessing over things we can't control, we don't like or that don't go right. Life can get away from you quickly. Very excited to share how to have perspective and become grateful. Stay...
Published 10/29/18
Business is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics. This episode focuses on the Mechanics.  Host Nick-Anthony Zamucen discusses 5 questions your prospects ask themselves when you are trying to approach, pitch and close them. AND - The 5 questions you should ask yourself and have answers to before you...
Published 10/24/18