Crown Holders Unplugged: Awaken Your Inner Fire Panel Discussion
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Awaken Your Inner Fire (Overcoming obstacles, tackling abuse, and recovering from health challenges.) Topics of Discussion:  The main point of this panel discussion is how do we keep moving the needle and not just get comfortable with success where we are today. How do you handle feeling judged by others and not being able to speak your truth? How do we create new adventures of your soul during this pandemic? Featured Authors and Speakers CC Fann  Taressa Stovall  Joylynn M. Ross  Lutishia Lovely  Suzette D. Harrison   Yvonne Evans Strachan    Here are a few other topics we will discuss:  What does finding your purpose look like? How do you reconnect to the very essence of you after being overwhelmed with current affairs, the news, work or family matters?  How do you restore and reset after a let down or obtaining negative results? Are you operating as the woman you want the world to see? Have you truly defined your purpose and does it align with how you are conducting business right now? How do you stay on point? 
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