Sonhara chats with infertility veteran and scientist, Amy Beckley, who discovered how to heal herself and build a family. 
Published 03/06/23
Published 03/06/23
Sonhara talks with author Ana Rhoden about hormonal imbalances and her path to conception. 
Published 01/19/23
Sonhara talks with comedian, actress, and writer Daheli Hall about her upcoming show, where she shares her journey on not getting pregnant.
Published 12/02/22
Sonhara speaks with Stephanie Frazier, an actress, and army wife fighting endometriosis. 
Published 11/10/22
Sonhara talks with registered Nurse, Shenae Dawkins, about health myths, healing from a cyst, and loving yourself. 
Published 10/27/22
Sonhara talks with Dalia, founder of 6 feet of fashion about fashion, fertility, weight loss and options when conceiving. 
Published 04/28/22
Sonhara talks with Andrea Bryman of Bryman Counseling about mental health, infertility and counseling.
Published 03/31/22
Sonhara chats with Kiyona, a yoga instructor and fertility advocate, on a path to wellness; mind, body, and spirit. 
Published 03/03/22
Sonhara talks with Jenna Deford of the Guidance Agency where they discuss egg donors, surrogates, and matchmaking services. 
Published 02/03/22
Sonhara talks with Debra of Vegan Design about creating a non-toxic home-life to optimize fertility. 
Published 09/29/21
Sonhara talks with attorney and founder of Pregnancy After 40 about conceiving and the misconception that women aren't fertile in their 40's. 
Published 08/26/21
Sonhara talks with Actress & Director, Valeka Jessica about her fertility journey, where she gets very candid on the ups and downs of conception. 
Published 08/19/21
Sonhara talks with author Kim Gowdy about her path to becoming a mom and why it's important to look beyond color. 
Published 07/06/21
Sonhara talks with her friend who is currently single and wants to become a Mom.
Published 06/01/21
Sonhara talks with Reid Forrester, owner of Hidden Gems about infertility, holistic practices, and the power of the womb. 
Published 05/20/21
Sonhara chats with best friend Missy and sister Kianne to discuss the effects of Mother's Day and repositioning to become a parent. 
Published 05/09/21
Sonhara talks with Screenwriter, Nzinga Kemp, about the rocky road to carrying full term while balancing a career in Hollywood. 
Published 01/14/21
Sonhara talks about secondary infertility with Poet and Teacher @brittanyrogers, who discovered the difficulties of conceiving after birthing two children.
Published 12/23/20
Sonhara Eastman talks with Essence Payne Randle, founder of Cajun Cysters about PCOS and walking for awareness. 
Published 12/03/20
Screenwriter, Sonhara Eastman, talks with Dancer Princess Johnson about her infertility battle and how Starbucks paved the way for her to start a family. 
Published 11/19/20
Sonhara talks with media specialist Tanika Gray about her struggle with fibroids and why we can wear white!
Published 06/15/20
Sonhara shares her road to recovery and details the hardship of parenting alone when her husband travels extensively for work.
Published 05/22/20
Sonhara Eastman, along with her husband, recap their 7-year fight to conceive and share the life & death labor and delivery experience that led to a near emergency c-section to keep their daughter alive.  
Published 04/19/20
After a long break, Sonhara Eastman is back to share where she's been, along with her tough decision to continue with IVF, which resulted in pregnancy after nearly seven years of trying!
Published 04/07/20