Published 11/27/23
My guest this week is Jack Tatum of Wild Nothing. Jack and I discuss his new album HOLD, how parenthood has changed his music, moving to the suburbs and loving it, getting fits off on tour, the creative process, and what he’s doing in VA.
Published 11/27/23
My guest this week is Erik Allen Ford, co-founder and CEO of Buck Mason. Erik and I discuss his life growing up in rural Missouri, denim in the early ’00s, American manufacturing, moving back to the midwest, and building what you want to wear yourself.
Published 11/20/23
Fred Nieddu of taillour; joins Derek and Peter for a chat of all things tailoring. Fred is a London-based bespoke tailor who does a lot of work for films and TV shows, including the menswear tailoring for The Crown on Netflix - we chat with him about the technical aspects of making clothes for different bodies, as well as how to find a good tailor and last but not least he answers some listener questions.
Published 11/16/23
My guest this week is comedian Jay Jurden. Jay and I discuss Coach Prime and fashion in football, why he loves Tyler the Creator, bad fits for comedy specials, too many pairs of 990s, Jimmy Fallon, brands he’s into, and his current stand-up tour.
Published 11/13/23
My guest this week is Zach Condon of Beirut. Zach and I discuss recording his new LP Hadsel in Norway, falling in love with country music, dealing with burnout, getting into sci-fi, upcoming live shows, and becoming an accidental fit God.
Published 11/06/23
As temperatures drop, Derek & Peter discuss the beauty of camel hair coats, Derek's recent article on bigger guys wearing big fits, with examples and tips from Ethan Newton, Tony Sylvester, & David DeMarte, and chat what they're excited for this fall.
Published 11/02/23
My guest this week is Henrik Berg of MORJAS – a brand becoming the new standard for classic footwear. Henrik and I chat about the brand's origins, dig into the philosophy of luxury brands, and discuss our love of scents and how they're approaching physical retail.
Published 10/30/23
My guest this week is Ian Devaney and Aidan Noell of Nation of Language. With their wild shows and big fits, the Brooklyn synth-pop band has had folks losing it since their debut. We chat about their new album Strange Disciple, getting emo on stage, riffing on the best audio gear, what they are listening to, loving Studio Ghibli, and lyrics vs music.
Published 10/23/23
We’re back with a new serving of the JJJ Show. This week, we discuss wide(er) leg pants, debate if Costco is the greatest retail experience ever, or where you need to go when you realize you need good retail. Jeremy, Jian, and Jon debate with hot takes galore on the best retail experiences. Jeremy talks about bad candy when playing Call of Duty, Moy buys Kirkland tee packs, and Jian drops the JP knowledge. It’s all in there.
Published 10/19/23
My guest this week is photographer and designer Keith Henry. Keith and I discuss his life growing up in Canada, skateboarding and photography, being into hardcore like everyone else, and how he went from driving trucks to making some of the best jeans on the planet. We also discuss pattern making, taking apart dickies, and why he still makes his own clothes.
Published 10/16/23
Patreon Preview from Blamo! Derek Guy and Peter Zottolo have been talking about doing a show for years, so we're bringing it under the Blamo! umbrella. In this inaugural episode of the new Die, Workwear podcast, we talk about things we're excited to wear for fall and answer some Twitter questions. Let us know what you think of the show and what you would like to hear in future episodes.
Published 10/06/23
My guest this week is designer Benjamin Edgar. Benjamin and I discuss life in Chicago, starting his career at 17, falling in love with art and the library, co-founding The Brilliance, Boxed Water, creating An Object Company, the infamous cigarette holder, and his relationship with the late Virgil Abloh.
Published 10/02/23
My guest this week is musician and producer Jarvis Taveniere. Jarvis plays in the band Woods and has worked on some of your favorite records (Fleet Foxes, Whitney, Real Estate). Jarvis and I discuss the new Woods album, Perennial, Brooklyn Indie rock, the albums he goes back to, getting into watches (or not), tour fits, and some of our favorite Beatles songs.
Published 09/25/23
My guest this week is Gillian Jacobs. Gillian and I discuss how science and her love of nature has been a part of her life since the beginning, from dinosaur birthday parties to roaming museums. We chat about living in NY in the early 2000s, her massive vintage collection, the clothes her grandma made for her, how her style has evolved, Thom Browne, and her favorite designers.
Published 09/18/23
The Three Amigos, Three Musketeers, Three Stooges, what do you want? It’s the JJJ Show! Jeremy, Jian, and Jon trade Jerry Lauren Stories, Jian accidentally flexes with his global Polo Bar tour, the crew talks Peter Do’s Helmut Lang debut, debate whether or not fashion shows should happen, get a bit too existential, discuss Rick Owens fits from the Slack, fly high with Carharrt Sacai, and Do the Dew head to toe.
Published 09/14/23
My guest this week is Elizabeth Giardina, Creative Director of Another Tomorrow. Elizabeth and I discuss her philosophy on clothing design, the appeal of the uniform, her early career at Halston, Derek Lam, and Proenza Schouler, why she doesn’t feel the need to compete with European fashion houses, her love of sneakers, and how she’s evolving Another Tomorrow.
Published 09/11/23
My guess this week is writer and TV producer Nick Weidenfeld. Nick has helped develop and produce many of your favorite shows, from Rick and Morty, Robot Chicken, The Boondocks, Children’s Hospital, Desus & Mero, Neo Yokio, Ten Year Old Tom, and many more. Nick and I discuss his life and career, working at Adult Swim, imposter syndrome, giving good feedback, his love of Faulkner, the appeal of animation, the greatest cartoons of all time, getting fits off, design with constraints, and...
Published 08/28/23
My guest this week is journalist, Taylor Lorenz Taylor is a columnist at The Washington Post covering technology and online culture and was previously at the New York Times. She’s the queen of memes, internet culture and also loves menswear! Taylor and I discuss her love of horror movies, menswear, humor, and the evolution of the internet and social media. We also discuss her new book Extremely Online: The Untold Story of Fame, Influence, and Power on the Internet.
Published 08/21/23
Jeremy, Jian, and Jon talk about new fall lookbooks from J. Crew, Noah, and all the big fit pics dropping. Jian goes wild with the analogies as usual, Moy drops some earth shattering takes, and they all get nostalgic for “rich malls.” Last but not least we talk, about old fit pics, old cars, what still slaps, and dressing for yourself.Smile and get dressed, folks!
Published 08/17/23
We got a big ol bonus episode this week with everyones favorite Matt Hranek of WM Brown. We chat when and not to wear a suit, his new collaboration with Sunspel, figuring out your fits in the sweltering summer, how to wear a BLACK polo, how to pack for a summer trip, and what NOT to do when making a collab. Last but not least, we debate what summer styles will last!
Published 08/10/23
My guest this week is Kyle Ng, cofounder and creative director of Brain Dead. Kyle and I chat about his life growing up in the Bay Area, getting into clothes, Japanese outdoor, the draw of vintage, the no-hate lifestyle, rock climbing, Braindead University, the movies he loves, and the new gear they’re about to release!
Published 08/07/23
You wanted it? You got it! A very, very deep dive into the world of tailoring. We discuss the regions of tailoring, how those regions differ from each other, and how we’re wearing tailoring now. Featuring tailoring obsessive and style icon Jeff Hilliard – the gents get nitty gritty with endless hot takes.
Published 07/29/23
From November 2019 My guest is legendary tailor Edward Sexton. Edward and I spoke about his life, how he helped redefine Savile Row, his work with Tommy Nutter, and the key things he did to elevate British Tailoring. We also discuss dressing The Beatles and working with Stella McCartney and Rick Owens. Edward Sexton died July 23, 2023
Published 07/28/23
My guest this week is Hayden Pedigo Hayden is a guitarist and musician who knows how to get a fit off. You might know him for his wild videos or his career in the fashion world. He’s walked the runway for Gucci and been photographed by Hedi Slimane. Hayden discusses growing up in the Texas panhandle, the appeal of mundane normalcy, his love of Tom Green, sick guitar riffs, getting fits off in cowboy clothes, and his new album The Happiest Times I Ever Ignored.
Published 07/17/23